About the book

Written and produced in a highly relevant and fully up-to-date format, the brand new innovative approach seen in this volume helps ‘bring dental materials science to life’ rendering it both accessible and fully relevant to day-to-day clinical dental practice!

Prepared by a practising dentist with teaching experience and an academic with clinical experience, A Clinical Guide to Applied Dental Materials places a strong emphasis on the practical usage of dental materials and is fully evidenced based throughout. Richly illustrated with over 1000 photographs, artworks and tables, the book will be the perfect companion for undergraduate students, postgraduate students preparing for exams as well as practising dentists treating patients in the clinic. Dental nurses, hygienists, therapists and technicians will also benefit from the many practical hints and tips contained within the volume which will be invaluable in their daily work.

  • Highly practical and evidenced-based throughout – closing the gap between theory and practice to give readers confidence in selecting and preparing the right material for the patient and circumstance
  • Amply illustrated in full colour with over 1000 photographs, artworks and tables to clearly demonstrate both materials and techniques
  • Helps readers appreciate the important relationship between clinical manipulation and the practical use of dental materials
  • Describes how to properly select a given material for any situation, how to use materials to best effect and when and how not to use them
  • ‘Good practice’ and ‘Warning’ boxes help readers recall important information
  • Uniquely written by a practising dentist with academic experience and an academic in biomaterials with extensive clinical experience
  • Self-assessment questions with full answers helps readers consolidate learning and prepare for exams
  • Designed to improve clinical success and improve patient outcomes
  • Perfect for all undergraduate and postgraduate students studying dental material science and/or restorative dentistry

Section 1 – General Principles

Chapter 1.1 Dental Materials in the Oral Environment
Chapter 1.2 Clinical manipulation of materials
Chapter 1.3 Biological Effects and Safety Aspects of Dental Materials
Chapter 1.4 The Role of the Manufacturer
Chapter 1.5 Control and Use of Materials in Practice

Section 2 – Direct Dental Materials

Chapter 2.1 Dental Amalgam The Tooth Coloured Restorative Materials
Chapter 2.2 Resin Based Composites
Chapter 2.3 Compomers
Chapter 2.4 Glass Ionomer Cements
Chapter 2.5 Resin Modified Glass Ionomer cements
Chapter 2.6 Bonding Systems
Chapter 2.7 Other Dental Cements
Chapter 2.8 Materials Used In Endodontics

Section 3 – Materials used with Indirect Techniques

Chapter 3.1 Materials used in Temporisation
Chapter 3.2 Impression materials
Chapter 3.3 Waxes and Occlusal Registration Materials

Section 4 – Other Surgery Materials

Chapter 4.1 Preventive and Periodontal Materials, Implants and Biomaterials
Chapter 4.2 Dental Bleaching Systems
Chapter 4.3 Cutting Instruments

Section 5 – Laboratory Materials

Chapter 5.1 Model and Investment Materials
Chapter 5.2 Alloys used in dentistry
Chapter 5.3 Dental Ceramics
Chapter 5.4 Polymers in Prosthodontics

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